Diamond Technogel Favola

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By Diamond

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Sleep Cool, Comfortable and Supported with Favola
Experience that special feeling of lying back on Technogel® with our FAVOLA mattress! The three-zone topper made from Technogel® gel towers, resting on a several layers of supporting foam, offers you firm support along with unique relief for the entire body.
- Luxury Firm
- Gel on Latex and Memory Foam
- 100% All Natural Talalay Latex
- Edge Support from Latex
- Zoned 12-inch Height
- Adjustble base Compatible 
The Technogel FAVOLA mattress is for people who like a firm comfort when sleeping.  The cube design in the top layer provides maximum pressure relief, no matter in which position you are lying.
EDGE SUPPORT - Prevents Roll-off, Easy to Get In and Out of Bed
ZONED GEL - More Comfortable on Shoulders, More Support for Lower Back
FLOATING ON TOP OF MATTRESS LIKE A WATERBED - Not Sinking in Like a Foam Mattress, Easy to Move from Back to Side
BOUNCE - Like a Coil Bed with Coils
TECHNOGEL LAYER - 1" Triple Zoned Cooling Topper
GEL WEIGHT: Queen - 62 lbs
FEEL - Medium Firm
SPECIALTY FOAM - Titanium Memory Foam + Talalay Latex
DEPTH - 12"
Technogel exhibits special thermal properties that create a pleasantly fresh, cooling sensatiion.  The gel absorbs and efficiently dissipates excess heat due to its high thermal conductivity and the properties of its cubic structure.  The innovative cubic design helps to distribute pressure evenly and promotes airflow, which enhances thermoregulation and guarantees an ideal body temperature.
- Medical Grade Technogel Cooling Gel
- Maximum Cooling Fabric
- Triple Crushed to Prevent Sagging
- Assembled in California
- Gel Made in Italy
- Foams Made in California
Technogel is Oeko-Tex Certified and approved for use in Hospitals & Medical products worldwide.
- No Harmful Substances
- Non-Toxic
- Hypoallergenic
- Odorless
- Pressure Relieving
- Cooling
- No Plastics, Liquids or Oils
- Soft & SupportiveExperience Customized Pressure Relief, Deep Sleep, Conforming Weight Distribution, Cool by Nature & Design, Balanced Feel & Medical Grade Gel Clinical test have proven that sleeing on Technogel prolongs deep sleep and significantly improves sleep continuity.  The result is increased holistic well-being. Industry Leading Partnership
Technogel has revolutionized mattresses with cool comfortable support that is scientificallly proven to help you sleep better. Diamond Mattress is proud to be the official partner and manufacturer of technogel mattresses in the United States.