Storm 0.0 Performance Pillow

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FKA The Bedgear Mist Pillow

Storm is a dual-chamber Performance pillow that is soft on one side and firm on    the other featuring BEDGEAR’s Ver-Tex™ cool-to-the-touch cover with a white lofty triangular patternand silver stitching.  Patented Air-X® mesh and air vents on the top or sides ensure cross-ventilation for maximum breathability.

Features and Benefits:

• Airflow - 
o BEDGEAR’s patented Air-X® technology keeps the air flowing in and around the pillow to help the body naturally regulate its temperature.
o BEDGEAR’s patented Air-X mesh and air vents provide cross-ventilation throughout the pillow, moving excess heat away from the head, neck and shoulders.
o The lowest height pillow – 0.0 size – includes an Air-X mesh patch and air vent on
top and bottom while the other three sizes include Air-X mesh and air vents on all
four sides.
• Personalization -
o Ver-Tex™ refreshing, cool-touch fabric technology is perfect for people who tend to overheat at night.
o Storm pillow is available in four different heights, also called sizes —                          0.0 (low), 1.0 (medium-low), 2.0 (medium-high) and 3.0 (high) — to accommodate stomach, back, side and multi-position sleepers of all body types.
o Personal Performance Size: 20 inches (50.8 cm) wide by 26 inches (66 cm) long.
• Comfort - 
o The dual-chamber pillows provide a soft feel on one side and a firm feel on the other.
o BEDGEAR’s React™ blend fill is a responsive foam that is blended with silk-like fibers
for soft, conforming support.
o BEDGEAR’s React crown provides firm, conforming support for the head, neck
and shoulders.
o Only the 0.0 size is not dual-chambered; this single-chamber pillow ensures
consistent comfort with a React blend fill throughout.
o The Ver-Tex cover provides a cool-to-the-touch feel that continuously
refreshes and reduces overheating by conducting excess heat away from the sleeper.
o The cool-to-the-touch Ver-Tex cover has a soft and smooth feel.
• Sustainability - 
o The zip-off removable and washable cover creates a clean and healthy sleep environment.
o The cover is high-efficiency washable that uses less water, less detergent and less
energy to wash.
• Warranty - 
o All BEDGEAR pillows come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Airflow Certification on the product guarantees BEDGEAR’s raw materials achieve
a certain amount of air ventilation to ensure continuous breathability.


Bedgear Storm 0.0 Pillow is the Perfect Product for Stomach Sleepers and Small and Extra Small Body Types

 The Storm 0.0 Pillow is part of the highly rated series by Bedgear Pillows, upgraded with new features and new names to match.  Featuring a high quality Ver-Tex Fabric cover, made with innovative fabric technology, which provides a cool to touch feeling and continuous heat deflection, the Storm 0.0 pillow allows you to naturally regulate your body temperature for a cooler nights rest.  The patented Air-X ventilated panels increase airflow and feature a filter fabric which prevents allergens and dander from entering the pillow core.  The combination of the unique design and advanced features makes it the ideal product for stomach sleepers or small & X-small body types and is perfect for getting a deep restful sleep every night. 

The 0.0 has been thoroughly sleep tested by us because we would never sell a customer a product that we wouldn't sleep on ourselves, and many of us sleep on the Bedgear Storm 0.0 Pillow every night.

The Bedgear Storm 0.0 Performance Pillow Has Unique and Advanced Features That Provide a Better Night Sleep and Easier Care

  • DUAL-CHAMBER CONSTRUCTION:  Solid foam crown on one side provides the option for firmer support, while a blend on the other offers a softer give to adjust and match your comfort level and sleep position.
  • VER-TEX CLIMATE CONTROL FABRIC:  Patented weave of heat-resistant fibers deflects excess heat to regulate temperature and keep your head cool throughout the night.
  • REACT FILL:  Softer breathable foam adapts to your head, neck, and shoulders without sinking or losing shape, feeling both soft and supportive at the same time for maximum comfort.
  • AIR-X PANELS:  New air flow technology. Flexible, three-dimensional material vents warm air away from the body, for continuous airflow, keeping you cool throughout the night and dander and allergens out of the pillow core.

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