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Box Spring
Posh+Lavish beds relieve tension by relaxing muscles. The rubber component provides bottomless support, creating a floating effect, which allows all your muscles to relax, even the muscles touching the bed, which results in us falling asleep more quickly.
Posh+Lavish beds stay temperature and humidity neutral throughout the night with climate control vs surface cooling.
Posh+Lavish offers a 20 year 3/4" impression vs industry standard 10 year 1 1/2" impression, the results of the longer durability of the rubber, wool+cotton and Tencel components.
LATEX RUBBER - Most durable component in the bedding industry, providing muscle relaxation, superior support and a healthier mattress environment.
WOOL - Natural fire retardant, chemical-free barrier.  Nature's miracle fiber, it's breathable and wicks excess heat and moisture, regulating temperature.
COTTON - Durable and longlasting, German knit cotton engineered to naturally mold to the shape of the body. Breathable, wicking moisture; also, helping to regulate temperature.
TENCEL - Strongest natural man-made fiber, made from 100% Eucalyptus Wood Pulp, that wicks moisture and heat away from the body for best sleeping temperature.  Stronger than steel, softer than silk, cooler than linen, odor-free.
  • Plush All Latex Mattress
  • Wool and Cotton Fire Retardant Layer
  • 602 Gram Weight Tencel-Faced Fabric
  • 20-year Warranty