Glacier 1.0 Bedgear Pillow

$209.75 $169.00

The unique single-chamber construction of the fashionable and very functional Performance Glacier series features a Boost® foam blend, which ensures weightless pressure relief that won't bottom out, creating the perfect pillow for soft support with no rebound. 

Bedgear's patented Ver-Tex instant-cooling, snow-white colored cover with rose-gold-colored stitching ensures consistent comfort.  Air vents and patented Air-X mesh on top or sides ensure cross-ventilation for maximum breathability.  The four available heights or sizes meet your personal sleep preferences - stomach, side, back & multi-position sleepers. 

• Ver-Tex® instantly cool-to-touch fabric deflects heat, helping to maintain the ideal sleep temperature throughout the night.
• Enhanced Ver-Tex® fabric has an improved hand for an even softer feel.
• Blended Boost® foam structure provides dynamic, smooth motion performance that eliminates pillow bounce and helps ensure deep sleep.
• Air-X® ventilated gusset engineered with patented Air Vent design.
• Air Vent design engineered and positioned to direct warm air trapped in pillow away from your head, neck and shoulders.
- 0.0 has a total of two Air Vents. One is located on each side of the pillow's surface on the Air-X® patch
- 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 have 10 Air Vents that are located on the Air-X® gusset
• Zip-off cover is machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle.
• Personal Performance Size: 20"l x 26"w