Embrace 360 Bed Frame

$439.00 $351.00

The Embrace 360° bed frame by Knickerbocker adds style and design to any bedroom. Smooth contours elevate the Embrace 360° bed frame to the the status of furniture. The Embrace 360° frame is sculpted, with all metal surfaces covered in professionally styled contours. The attention to design in every detail helps elevate the new Embrace 360° bed frame above the category of bed frame into the category of modern bedroom furniture. With a fully supported foot end and no footboard to interfere, it's easy to sit on the end of the bed. There is no mattress tip up to worry about either. The Embrace 360° by Knickerbocker can be used free standing or in conjunction with an existing headboard. With no footboard, the bedroom feels more open and less cluttered.


  • The stylish lines of the emBrace WrapAround Bed Support System give the look of fine furniture. With smooth contours and attention to detail, it compliments any bedroom decor.


  •  Side rails are twice the width with the steel of traditional bed frames. They are flex free to provide valid seat-edge support. Their patented T-Steel design is vertical in side-rails providing rock-solid support in all sizes. This system produces incredible strength that will not flex. 


  • On the outside it is encased in injection molded, fiberglass infused resin that's warm to the touch, hygienic and easy to clean.


  • emBrace WrapAround goes together in less than a minute, error free with no tools needed. An accurate assembly every time!.


  • Reclaimed steel and clean energy used on the emBrace WrapAround Bed System are environmentally friendly. 


  • Knickerbocker are a fourth generation family owned and operated company in business for over 90 years. Knickerbocker is the only company in the industry committed to manufacturing and assembling all their components in the United States. Knickerbocker believes it's the only way to keep our economy strong and America working. 

FULL SIZE: 6 supported legs (8" standard height). Inside width 53" & 71 1/2" length. 

QUEEN SIZE: 7 Supported legs (8" standard height). Inside width 60" & 74" length.

KING SIZE: 9 Supported legs (8" standard height). Inside width 76" & 74" length.

CAL KING SIZE: 9 Supported legs (8" standard height). Inside width 72" & 74" length.