Is a bed frame necessary? Yes, well... unless you want to be sleeping on the floor. But hey, we aren't here to judge! The other bed-frame-less option is if you already own a bed that has wood or metal slats and can support your new mattress and box spring.

If you're in need of a new bed frame, there a few things to consider.

First, do you want an adjustable base? These are the bed frames that move. Are you tired of stacking your pillows up every night only to have your neck cranked into an uncomfortable position while you're trying to watch TV? Does your partner go to bed early while you like to stay up and read in bed? Do you have a hard time sleeping because of back pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like an adjustable base may be perfect for you. Adjustable bases are becoming increasingly popular with their modern technology and functionality.

Not only do these bases make watching TV, reading, and relaxing a breeze, they're also hugely beneficial for your health. Adjustable bases have numerous positions to help increase your blood flow and provide lumbar support for those with back problems. Some models also come with a massage function, making your bedroom the ultimate place for relaxation.

One of our more budget friendly adjustable bases is the Tranquility. Adjust the head and foot to relieve aches and pains, open airways to reduce snoring, and take pressure off the back with the Tranquility adjustable base from Rize. The Tranquility adjustable bed gives you the same great support and safety as the other beds in the Rize lineup, all at a conveniently low cost. Tranquility also features adjustable head and foot sections, hit the sweet spot with adjustable head and foot sections to help you find your new favorite position. Tranquility has an improved lift capacity- don't be afraid to get close - two heavy-duty motors lift up to 850 lb per base. Tranquility has a Greater range of incline: all Rize beds, including the Tranquility, can incline up to 70° to give you support while sitting up. There are also six legs for added support: Our steel post legs were so strong that we decided to add two more, so you never have to worry about support.

A higher end option is the Prodigy Comfort Elite. Experience comfort and relaxation like never before with the Prodigy Comfort Elite adjustable base by Leggett & Platt. Its four independent zones of adjustable comfort include independent pillow tilt and lumbar support to ensure you find the perfect comfort position best suited for you - whether you are reading, working, watching TV, or sleeping. The Prodigy Comfort Elite adjustable bed features an easy-to-use, capacitive-touch remote and other advanced features can be found on its free mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Experience a well-deserved rest and wake restored, recharged, and ready for whatever life holds with the Prodigy Comfort Elite adjustable base.

Pure Comfort carries some of the most innovative adjustable bases in the industry. You can learn about their individual features here.

If you’re thinking you don’t need all the benefits and features of an adjustable base, Pure Comfort also carries a couple of high-quality bed frames. For more helpful articles and tips, check out the rest of the Pure Comfort blog.

May 23, 2019 — Dave Wright